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Pictochatters unite!

10/24/06 02:27 pm - limerance - Hiya =)

Just joined. =) I bought me a pink DS lite a little while back, and I find pictochat to be quite fun...or I would, if I knew anyone else with a DS that lived in the same city as me!! >_>;

Anyways. I assume that the reasoning behind pictochat in the beginning was for, say, naughty children who want to chat with their friends while in class. Just hide your DS below the level of your desk, and Teach will never know you're yukking it up with your buddies instead of listening to the lecture on pronouns! XD Other than a situation like that, Pictochat is pretty silly to use right now, huh?

However, I've noticed that the new ad campaign for Nintendo DS seems to be targeting adults...so it goes to follow that they're making Pictochat internet-ready. =) Although I've heard not-nice things about IGN (e.g. - their website being riddled with ads, having to pay to view some content), none of it was bad enough to put me off! I'll be so happy when I can pictochat with my AIM friends who have a DS. Assuming that's what this whole worldwide wireless community they're planning is going to do?

Well, that's all I have to say for now. e.e I'm not really looking for people in my town to uh..'chat' with, I just like to keep an eye on the news about things I enjoy. =)

7/24/06 09:04 pm - cumber1137

whats the point of find people to talk on pictochat with? dont you have to be practically in the same room with someone to talk to someone? My friend said something abotu within 30 feet. thats not as far as i would hope. im definitley planning on buying a ds. i love my gba sp.

6/30/05 02:57 am - jayjaywalker3

im Jay Walker and i live in Staten Island NY

6/29/05 07:43 pm - auroranoise

I'm checking out the site for Nintendo World as I type this. The store looks great. I'll be getting my gf a candy pink DS sometime before August so we can go to the store together and play all the games and stuff together. Has anyone been to the store yet/plans on going soon? I'll be there sometime in August (like I said before) and I'll post more information when I know exactly when. Also, I'll be attending Otakon and I'll have my DS with me then too.

Hopefully this community will get more members once Nintendo and IGN launch the wireless network. I think I will be very useful in the future.

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6/3/05 04:16 pm - aleksitaivas - hi.

I’m from Baltimore, MD..

I think this community is a good idea, coz I’d like to find Pictochat users in my area as well.

The problem is, I think Nintendo should have made Pictochat work with the Internet somehow, coz it would be easier that way. There could be Pictochat servers for each state or even city. That would be cool.

but anyway, here I am. DS rocks :) and I’m definitely planning on taking my DS with me to Otakon and see how many pictochatters are there.

4/30/05 10:38 pm - withmysorrows

Hey, what's up? I'm Will. I'm 20 years old and I live in Hamilton/Trenton NJ.

I love my Nintendo DS and it would be cool to meet people on Pictochat.

Two thumbs up to the guy who created this community!

12/26/04 09:24 pm - snoman36 - It starts...

I'm Snoman, and I just bought my Nintendo DS today. I like in northeastern PA and go to school in southeastern upstate NY. I am looking for pictochat users in my area, and I decided to build this in order to help you guys find users close to you as well.

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